Paella Veggie / Vegetariana


Paella Veggie / Vegetariana

Carrots, Eggplant, Squash, Asparragus, Green Beans, Zuccini, green peas, red pepper, tomato, garlic, saffron, Pimenton de la Vera & Veggies home made broth on Bomba rice.

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All our Paellas are made with homemade broth, fresh onion, Garlic, Green peas & Red peppers. Imported from 🇪🇸 Bomba/ Calasparra Rice, Safron, our exclusive “Pimenton de la vera” & Spain Olive oil. Served with bread and lemon.


Large – 15 People, Medium – 10 People, Small – 6 people, X Small – 4 people


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